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Cheese and Applesause for Everyone

Because That's What for Dinner

October 22nd, 2008

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Lin (BOF V)
Just so you all know that's ma new user name ;D

January 13th, 2008

My room is booked, for 2 nights my mom, me and my boyfriend have a room! 

Pros: Getting a room for the WHOLE anime Boston convention includes Friday! I get to miss school friday for it ^_____^

Cons: Wata isn't found of hights ^^;; and it's quite pricey, saddly we could only get a king bed >//>;; he'll have to sleep oin a rollaway bed TT_TT  

Last thing to do is finish on costume and order the last one, then I'm set ^_______^

I'm sooooo happy <333


And don't make me bring back the rapant muffin that deadly to blueberries >///>

I swear last post <///<;;; XD

December 31st, 2007


Yes, little Linny/scribbles is now the big one eight.

Weee I can buy Yaoi now =O
I can actully but the sctrach tickets at my work =O

Who else feels old? :D 

December 18th, 2007

lol snow

Ugh tired
About a foot outside, even more. Meh, I'm used to it. It's the snow I dream of when I was little, wait I had worse snow when I was little XD The snow was bigger then me @_@

Anyways, Made a BUNCH of frosted sugar cookies XD Yummy yummy <3 everybody loves cookies PX Watanunki helped make them XD Not even my 18th birthday and I get a credit card call. I'm like WTF? XD Credit cards = bad DX I learned to live on cash XP By the way ^^ I'm changing journals because I'm turning 18. And I need a change, I started to add people before I hit the bed but I'll post so you guys know who's randomly adding you XD

18 in about 2 weeks, man I'm old XD  Who else feels old? XP

December 4th, 2007


My American government paper is done! done done done! XD I hope I did well on it. 

So anyways, me and Watanuki are heading out to the new asain resturant, Soto it's called I geuss. I hope it's good. X3 This friday is Wata's and mine one month. ^_^ Very happy X3
lol my cat likes the printer XD
So last week our mechianic, (he lives a few houses down from us) Had a garage fire. We all felt bad because he's been here longer then all of us. Before my dad left for FL he went over to talk with him. ^_^ he feels abit better now I geuss, don know. Yes, my dad is in FL again. ^^ he likes it down there XD
Yay Christmas shopping done ^____^ even the tree is up X3 Yesterday was a snowday too XD Watankui came over and woke me up and made breakfast X3 He's such a good cook ^_^ 

I love snow, snow snow snow ^___^ *sigh* it's always so quiet after a snow fall.

December 1st, 2007

31 more days

dorky dork dork dork
Till new years eve! XDD Ah turning 18, such an old number DX 

Decemeber already and my boss is playing domanic the christmas donkey XD It's quite funny. I'm getting a real tree this year!!! I'm so happy ^__________^ A real tree, we're ordering though our school, so the trees are right there. I don't care if they make messes, they smell good XDD 

Also, I'll be going on an art trip to Canada! Around may I'll be leaving for Montrel for an art trip! My friend will be going to so this should be fun X3 Oh, I also plan on going to AB as well this year, I'm hoping for all 3 days with Al, don know because it's Easter. 

So many Birthday partys DX Can't attenten them all, arg silly American government paper XP

November 25th, 2007

Meat buns? PX

Fan girl es GO!
 I really want some DX oh well, I hungrey for cookies to but that's just me XD

Thanksgiving was fun, Watanuki came over and met my dad's side of the family. They loved him. XD 
Then I did the comands for the parade with colorguard @_@ man I was nervous, I just had to consatrate on counting so I just lined up with kia on my right. (I always hated left XDD) But I think I did good ^//^ Woot! XD I also got switched to the senior bus Ahh so quite XD and I get to sit with watanuki ^____^ 

I've gotten into Rozen Madien and Bleach and rewatching Digimon XDD I'm such a dork XP Oh well, I'm also keeping up with Naruto. No new sewing progress, just need the trim on the kimonio and sash. It'll look great ^_^ Then starting on next cosplay project @_@ which I have no idea XD Man I wanna play maple story XP Not that I can, but I kinda miss it XP It'd be borning because I don't think mac's can play it. DX Silly watanuki and his mac, apple thing  XD

November 22nd, 2007

lol XDDD

My computer randomly decided to make everything X2 speed. It's quite funny to listen to my music. Linken Park is like chipmonks trying to be emo O.o  Muse sounds like some bad J-pop. All my DDR music sounds like some bad Zelda music XDD My one spice girl song because of colorguard sounds like strip dancer music O.o

Yet Katamari Damacy sounds just as it was..hm strange. XD

Oh yeah ^_^ Thanksgiving was great. Spend the first half at my house then the second half at Watanuki's house, that's right two dinners in one day @_@ I plan on never doing that again XDD

November 17th, 2007

Let's see, I beat We love Katamari. XD Very fun XP This weekend I'm working on college Apps so I hope to get them as done as possible, (ex essays, apps and ACT's) I don't like the sat's DX So far I have Keene and Plymoth as my two colleges. I'm pretty sure I'll get into on or the other. Their both about the same price in all. Less then 20 k a year. Which is a good thing XD College is so pricy =O 

Anyways, off to start essays. Miss Watanuki because he's away ;-; But he'll be back ^_^  

November 10th, 2007


Ugh tired
Well, I finished updating everything, redid my lj and info. Found some new avatars. (yay for digimon) <33 Izzy is awsome love.

Anyways, I have bells tomorrow and work. My boyfriend will be at a feildtrip tomorrow aswell. I hope he have fun on it. XD

Well, I'm dead beat after today from touring Keene. Looks good, so far there's Pylomoth, Keene and SNHU as my safety net. Think I'm good. Anything else is too expencive and I'm to cheep to go out of state. (even though out of state is probbly cheeper anyways =P) But I don't want to leave to far from home. Kinda like it. 

Didn't go to homecomming either, Wata just came over to cook dinner then we watched fate/staynight -XXXHolic and played Xenosaga/breath of fire. Nothing exciting but I enjoyed the time spent. 

Uhhh need shower. Hey we finsihed out bathroom. Woot! for about 2 years(?) I think, it's finailly done, yeah. XP
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